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Why Solar Energy

Nature has gifted us with the immense resources of energies and the Sun is one of them. The Sun produces large amount of solar energy. The Solar Energy which hits the Earth’s surface in one hour is much more than the total energy requirement of the whole world in a year.


Why Go Solar?

The Solar Energy which hits the surface of the earth in one hour is sufficient for the world’s energy needs for a year. As Grid electricity charges are increasing day by day, we can very well utilize this great amount of energy almost for free.

About Cosmic Sun Power

Cosmic Sun Power is an organization driven by the highly professional and dedicated team realizing the necessity of a good workforce that can effectively take this job of installing and commisioning the Solar Power Plants for residential and commercial usage.

Cosmic Sun Power Channel Business

Apart from providing Solar Power Solutionsto end costumers, we are also engaged in serving the channel partners of the region by supplying them the best quality Solar Products from the top class Indian and Oversees Manufacturers.

Our Products

Rooftop Solar Power System

Solar Street / Lawn Lights

Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water Pumps

Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Panels

Solar Inverters

.. and many more services.

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